Acoustic or electric guitar? We love them both.

Acoustic or electric guitar? We love them both.


Do You Teach Electric & Acoustic Guitar?

    Yes. We do not care what type of instrument you want to play. If you play the electric guitar you will not need to bring your amplifier. We have amplifiers in the studio for you to use so all you will need are the items mentioned farther down the page. The techniques and knowledge that you will learn apply to any type of guitar but electric players will receive information that relate to the acoustic guitar and acoustic players will learn about the larger world of amplification. These days a growing number of acoustics come with onboard electronics to be connected to an amplifier.  It is all one big happy guitar world!


Will You Teach Me Just One Style of Music?

No. Why? This is one of the greatest aspects of your experience here at ”TGGI”. We do not just show you a song, pat you on the head and expect you to show up next week to show us how well you did and then give you another song and so fourth. That is what most “lessons” consist of. Ask yourself “What do you really learn with this method beyond how to play those songs?”. What if you hate those songs and style of music? In the end you will know the those songs and hopefully a bit more. That leaves you a very long way from really being able to play the guitar. Here at “TGGI” we teach you:


What? Make my own music? That’s right. What if you were able to understand the very basics of music and then shown the techniques of playing? What if you were taught critical listening? What is you were taught to identify and create the sounds and tones you love? I know the answer! You will be able to create your own music and develop the ability to understand what others have written about songs in different media formats and also develop the ability to breakdown songs on your own. At “TGGI” we do not offer classes for just one aspect of music for example Metal, Jazz, Country or Blues. You will be taught the techniques to incorporate all of these to create the music you want to play!


I Just Want to Learn Rhythm OR Lead Guitar.

Sorry. if you come here you will learn, from the very beginning, how to play both. Why would you want to limit yourself from learning all of what the guitar has to offer? If fact you will learn in time how to incorporate both into the same song. 


I Just Want To Learn How to Play Fingerpick Style.

Nope. The answer to this is exactly the same as above and is incorporated into what you will learn here at “TGGI”.

Learn to dial in what you are looking for.

Learn to dial in what you are looking for.


What Will I Need to Get Started?

    Everyone will need a few basic items to attend. A guitar. Yep. We think that one is a good idea. An electronic tuner. A new package of guitar strings. A few different picks. THAT’S IT.  Please DO NOT purchase any of these items if you do not have them already. WE ARE NOT A RETAIL STORE! So we are not out to take your money on these. Instead we want to take your first visit and just offer a few suggestion and explain some of the difference in gear. In addition all of our students will need to get set up for recording their music while playing along with backing tracks provided by TGGI. 


Do Your Students Meet Once a Week?





With your first visit we can answer all of your questions and not just the FAQ.


We serve Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and the surrounding communities.