The Gundry Guitar Institute is proud to let you know that you can bring your instruments here for inspection and to be repaired if needed. 

When a guitar has never been through a setup procedure or has seen some extended service then it, and you, will really benefit from getting it professionally serviced.

Your ability to play is directly linked to the condition of your guitar. If the strings are high off of the fretboard then you will be fighting just to get the strings down to the frets. A well set up guitar makes playing enjoyable and allows you to focus on building your skills and performing your best. 

We handle your guitar like it was one of our own.

We handle your guitar like it was one of our own.



We offer repairs for guitars.

These services include:


Truss rod adjustments.


Nut and Saddle replacements.

Fret crowning

Fret leveling

Electronic repairs and upgrades.

We serve Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and all surrounding communities.