Our Recent student Performance.

      Last Thursday the students of TGGI went out for a public performance at the Heartland Point Cafe in downtown Orrville, Ohio. We had a great time. I think that what I loved the best was the opportunity for all of the students to meet each other, form a bond, show enthusiastic support for each other and finally begin to create a family and musical community. On the TGGI front door, right at eye height, is a sign that says "Welcome home, We are glad you are here!". That is the family spirit and guitar based bond I have always envisioned as one of the strong points of attending classes here at TGGI. 

      Many of our students were experiencing their first time on a stage. No matter how long you have been performing you still experience a jolt of adrenaline when it's time to go. They pulled it off with grace and a new found level of enjoyment that only playing for an audience can deliver. Every student came up to me after the show and wanted to know when we could schedule another. That is fantastic. 

       For everyone who came out to listen we thank you for your support and applause. I love it when I can look out at the audience and see nothing but smiles for all of the music performed that evening. There is really something special about live music and the interaction between the performers and the audience. It is a circle of emotion powered by the greatest instrument of our time, the guitar. Till next time, don't forget to tune up.  Trust me. I'm a teacher.


by Robert Gundry