Sometimes I just don't feel like it.

                I don't care if you have the greatest job on the planet. Your dream job. Where it's so great that work is play so it's never work. There is still going to be a time of two that you will not feel like getting up for work or you feel that if you don't get a vacation then you are just gonna bust. Welcome to the human race. C'mon, even Gahndi must have found himself in a position to be just a little peeved. "Man , I just cannot shake another hand or bless another person today. I'm just plain tired."

         We love the guitar. Everything about them. I'm 100% in! I found myself in a position recently where I was just a little down, a little tired, just a little too much guitar for that day but duty called and it was one of most favorite students. Always a joy to hang with. But….So Into the studio we go. I'm trying to wipe eye-crusties out and shake some sense into my brain. Then I picked up a very nice guitar and I had a few moments to just…play. Then it seems to come back. That quick. The feel of the rhythm with it's smooth brush strokes then accenting a bass note within the feel. Add some stops and mutes and close my eyes and fall into what we live for.

       We ended up playing extended jams as part of the lesson material and that was just fine by me. Take a simple chord structure and find a rhythm pattern that feels right for the moment. 3 chords. I'll even tell them to you. G-C-D. Pretty basic huh? How can anyone find a simple rhythm within that parameter that could be new, fresh or have anything left to pick from their tired old bones? Well if you just open your mind and hands and don't care what comes out, except for a feeling of comfort, then anything you can play on a guitar can take on a new meaning. 

                  The next thing I know words just kind of dribbled from my brain and moved my mouth. Absolutely nothing new here but then again…twist out a chorus within the same chords and the same rhythm. A little hook. It created a photographic film strip within my minds eye. An old porch. Peeling paint and the torn screen on the door. A crying woman. A small child at her side. The feeling of desperation and just plain hopeless finality. A taxi and rain and don't forget the suitcases. 

                An unspoken feeling between two musicians. One of creativity and the other sensing the moment and adjusting their playing to match it with the same intensity and comfort. They say our brainwaves when we are playing music become very different and there is a symbiotic relationship within the brainwaves between one musician to another. If you only play in a room by yourself then you are denying yourself a wonderful experience that playing a guitar can provide. It can't be described and it certainly won't happen between every pair or group of musicians. Sometimes people just don't mesh. That is also within the manual you were presented at your birth, (Page 571 at the bottom of the page.)

                From tired and grumpy to moving to playing to creating to enjoying making not sounds but music with another musician. I love my job. It's like playing so I never have to work a day. Be willing to wake up, put away the outside demands that take you away from playing, pick it up and just start to strum. That's where it begins. Only you can take it from there if you are willing to close off the world and allow the imagination take over your mind and body and allow you to open it up within the world of music. Have fun. It's what it's all about.

Trust me. I'm a teacher.