Rob Gundry

Rob Gundry

Rob Gundry

This school started with his lifetime of learning how to play the guitar and experiencing just about every type of learning method there is. From private “lessons”, working with other musicians, self taught attempts, classes (with some of the worlds greatest guitar players today) to formal training with the world renowned “Berklee School of Music”. Rob reexamined over 30 years of learning and grabbed the best methods and concepts he experienced and eliminated the frustrations and fears common to anybody trying to learn how to play the guitar.


  we help people to learn how to play the GUITAR

    There are no lessons provided for anything other then the guitar. No band instruments, percussion, keyboards or voice. Just the guitar.

    We use more then a pencil and your paper to help you learn. 

    No outdated books or somebody’s hastily handwritten suggestions. Multimedia, personal instruction and physical presentations are at our core. Slide presentations, mixed with audio and video, keep things moving along with Rob there to help you understand and discuss what you are being taught. What a huge difference then just watching a DVD and having questions go unanswered!


    We use very simple visual methods to teach you the music basics

    No standard music notation is used here at “TGGI”.  So don’t fear that you will be forced to learn traditional “Staff Music” in order to learn or play. 


Akron guitar lesson.jpg

  We have a unique teaching method that you will not find anywhere else that helps us to meet your personal goals.

   We listen to you from the very beginning so we understand your goals. We have a unique visual system set up that will get you playing the guitar with an understanding of the unity of rhythm and lead. We round out your knowledge with the world of the guitar. With our understanding of your goals we can pay particular attention to your specific areas of interest. You will be shown how to play but you will learn to play at your pace. You will get out what you put in.  We present you with information, then if you practice 10 hours a day you will probably become more proficient then if you come here and then practice one half hour over the next week. That is just common sense but it is not up to us to dictate what you do or what you should achieve over any period of time. We know what we are doing and will do our best to identify difficulties and help you to keep moving towards your goals. 

    The guitar world is so much bigger then chords and notes. 

Is that an acoustic or electric guitar? How do I take care of it? What’s an amp and why is this one $25.00 and this one $3,500.00? Who is Danny Gatton? Why should I care? How do I achieve this sound I hear? New players will find that questions will come to them that they never knew needed to be asked! Students will learn critical listening, stage interaction and how to bring the bits of knowledge they have accumulated together to take them to the next level.

    Fun. Did I mention Fun? 

     If you have tried before, or this is your very first time to ever pick up a guitar, you want it to be a pleasant experience. You want to play the guitar and have fun, to make yourself happy and to express yourself through music. There are so many people who have notions that they are too old or believe that learning has to be complicated and frustrating. At “The Gundry Guitar Institute”  we understand this and our core belief is that if you are not having fun then why would anybody want to play? We keep the atmosphere light and present the information at a level so you do not become overwhelmed.

One Hour means One Hour here at TGGI.

One Hour means One Hour here at TGGI.

    One hour long classes. 

    Traditional “lessons” are one half hour long. So the previous student walks out and your time starts. You get in, unpack your gear, tune up, say “Hello how have you been..” to your teacher, you are tense and stiff and now you have lost 5 minutes or more. You go over your lesson but you will hear “Times up” before the half hour is done because you have to have time to pack up your gear and say your good byes so you are out of the room for the next student to be on time. Well a one half hour “lesson” just turned into a 20 minute lesson.  Here at “TGGI” classes are separated. You have time to unpack, tune up, get settled in, relax and warm up your fingers a little before the hour starts. The same applies when you leave. A full hour of instruction lets us relax and discuss the topics of the day. Plus if you are going to leave your home and drive anywhere to learn...

Doesn’t it make sense to spend a full hour to make it worthwhile? 


guitar repairs.jpg

What about the Cost?

    Now we get to the most exciting difference of all! If you check out different teachers for a “lesson” you will find the prices range from $25.00 for a half hour (good luck) to $35 - $50 (average) to $50 -$80 for a half hour (not uncommon at all). With all we have to offer - multimedia presentations, well thought out subject matter all taught by an instructor with a certificate from the “Berklee School of Music” and a well documented background that includes some of the greatest guitar players of all time is:

(hang on to your hats my friends)

 the low, low price of:

$85.00 an hour!



Yep. $85.00 an hour

Less then many teachers charge for one half hour 

and with so much more for your money

you can see what a great value this is! 


    Is this all to good to be true?

Am I dreaming? 


It is here and waiting for you and all you need to do is call



to set up your first visit and get started! 

I know you want to play. 

You have read this far! 



SO CALL 330.321.4775

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Trust me. I’m a teacher!


. We serve olympia, lacey, tumwater and all of the surrounding communities.