Your First Visit and How This Works

The beauty of wood grows into beautiful guitars that make beautiful music.

The beauty of wood grows into beautiful guitars that make beautiful music.


Before you spend one dime we request that you visit us first.


    WHY? Well we want you to be comfortable from the very first moment you arrive!  We are so different then any other method or program you will ever become involved in that a friendly visit will allow you a full feel for what happens here. These get togethers allow you to meet our staff, see our facilities, experience our methods in multimedia and truly understand all that we have to offer. It allows us to sit down and discuss your goals, for us to evaluate your current level of knowledge or skill and see any guitar or gear you currently own. You will see the full range of what you will learn beyond just chords and notes and what will make your visits here fun and entertaining.

    A first visit is also practical. Phone calls for information and reading this website can not give you the full experience of being here. We want to show you where we are and impress you with our facilities. Your first visit will usually take about an hour of your time.


    If you sign up for guitar lessons, whether that would be at a music store or a private setting, until you spend your money you have no idea what type of education or interaction you will have. With your first visit here you will be able to understand our methods of instruction and all of the different pieces that make your experience here one of a kind. If you think about it, isn’t our invitation different then any other program you may have looked into? Does any other guitar teacher ask or offer such a complete and open examination and explain what to expect before you spend your money? It is just another example of what makes us the best way to learn how to play the guitar you can find!



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We serve Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey and all of the surrounding communities.